Food Tables & Portion Guide

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE and successful slimmers eat a wide variety of foods.

We recommend that when following a healthy eating plan with weight loss goals women should consume no more than 1500 calories per day and men no more than 2000 calories per day.

For your information we have listed weekly and daily food allowances for each major food group. These food tables state which foods you should eat and in what quantities, allowing you to set your own meal plans according to your likes and dislikes.

Note that recommended foods may contain nuts or shellfish. Please take extra care if you suffer from any food allergy.


Fat allowance
Butter or margarine – half a standard pack (112grams)


Egg allowance (optional) – 1 medium sized must not be fried.

Milk allowance – 2 portions
Each option represents ONE portion of your daily allowance

140 ml (1/4 pint) full cream milk Small carton natural yoghurt
210ml semi-skimmed milk Small carton fruit yoghurt
280ml (1/2 pint) skimmed milk 280ml (1/2 pint) skimmed milk

Cheese allowance – 1 portions
Each option represents ONE portion of your daily allowance
1 portion = Size of a standard matchbox

Caerphilly Gruyere
Camembert Leicester
Cheddar Parmesan
Cheshire Roquefort
Cottage Cheese (small tub-112 g) Smoked Austrian
Danish Blue Stilton
Edam Wensleydale

Carbohydrate allowance – 3 portions
Each option represents ONE portion of your daily allowance

Bread (wholemeal ) x 1 slice Porridge (dry weight) x 1 teacup
Biscuits (plain) x 2 Potato
Cereal (no sugar) x 1 teacup Rice (cooked weight) x ½ teacup
Crispbread (wholemeal) x 2 Sweet potato
Cream cracker x 2 Water biscuits x 2

Protein allowance – 1 portion must not be fried
Each option represents ONE portion of your daily allowance

Meat & Poultry
1 portion = size of 1 pack of playing cards
1 portion = size of your open hand
Unrestricted amount
Beef Crab Black eyed beans
Chicken Cod Cannellini beans
Corned Beef Haddock Kidney beans
Kidney Halibut Lentils
Lamb Hake Nuts
Liver Herring Pinto Beans
Pheasant Kippers Quorn
Pork Lobster Seeds
Rabbit Mackerel Tofu
Tripe Mussels
Turkey Oysters
Veal Pilchards
Venison Prawns

Fruit allowance – 3 portions daily
Each option represents ONE portion of your daily allowance

Apple x 1 Kiwi x 1
Apricot x 2 fresh Orange x 1
Banana x 1 small Peach x 1
Blackberries x1 teacupful Pear x 1
Blueberries x1 teacupful Pineapple x 1 slice
Cherries x 2 teacups Plum x 2
Cooking Apple x 1 Pomegranate x 1 small
Cranberries x1 teacupful Raisins x ½ teacup
Damson plums x 1 teacup Raspberries x 1 teacup
Dates x 4 Rhubarb x 1 teacup
Gooseberries x 1 teacup Sultanas x ½ teacup
Grapefruit x 1/2 Strawberries x 2 teacups
Grapes x 1 teacup Tangerines x 2
Melon x 1 slice Unsweetened juice x 1 small glass

Vegetables – unrestricted amounts – eat as much as you want!

Artichokes Lettuce
Asparagus Marrow
Aubergine Mushrooms
Beetroot Onions
Broccoli Parsley
Brussels Sprouts Parsnip
Cabbage Peppers
Cauliflower Pickles
Carrots Radish
Celery Runner beans
Courgettes Spinach
Cucumber Spring Onions
French beans Swede
Leeks Tomatoes

The following foods should be consumed in moderation only: Avocado, baked beans (small can), beans (broad/butter/haricot), chickpeas, peas, sweetcorn.

Avoid refined sugars such as white sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup (used in soft drinks), maple syrup, sweets, etc.

Soups: All soups must be made with stock cubes and vegetables only. Cream soups can be made if you use part of your daily milk allowance. Vegetable soups can be consumed at any time and make a great healthy snack.

Acceptable seasonings: Salt, pepper, vinegar, mustard, herbs, spices, stock cubes, Worcestershire sauce.

Acceptable drinks: Tea (any variety including herb teas), coffee, Bovril, Oxo, Marmite, vegetable/tomato juice, lemon juice, water, soda water, diet drinks, low calorie tonic. You should drink at least 8 large glasses of water a day.


  • Weekly allowance must be consumed within one week.
  • Daily allowance must be consumed within one 24 hour period.
  • Eat at least three meals a day. You can eat more often as long as you eat within your allowance.
  • If a food does not appear within the food tables do not eat without prior consultation.
  • Drink 1.5 litres of water per day. A large glass with every meal is great for your digestion and will help you to feel full.

Daily Portion Allowance by Food Group

The TrimSecrets 5 Step Slimming Plan encourages you to eat a variety of foods from all the major groups. The table below illustrates your total daily portion allowance per food group. Each shaded box represents one portion of that specific food group. Use the food tables to choose your portions and plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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